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Welcome to iroha { i'lo'ha }  

A creative studio practice specialized in connecting people, brands and cultures through art of storytelling, community building and design thinking approaches.


Content curation

Media communication, community program, event & exhibition


Strategic consultation

Brand communication | visual communication | Content marketing


Design practice

Illustration & pattern design | Editorial design | Service design



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featured works

Mobile Tool


Content & user experience curation for Kinetic, a tailored mobile tool for office tenants at JAKC, a mixed-use development to offer value-added services and offerings and to activate eco-system and office community. 

Social media

Textile Library

Textile Library is the first and foremost institution China dedicated to textile design and innovation. The on-going project is to activate and promote official Instagram account to promote the public image and brand recognition overseas.

Community Program

Be a good neighbor

Content curation with Short Sentence, a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand to roll out a series of community events that not only celebrate a community  lifestyle, but also a point of view around home and design culture.



An on-going project to help the client, an established IP law firm serving an international clientele,  to update their corporate image and online presence by phase 1: content review and curation and phase 2: new website construction.

Mobile App


Content curation for KOHII, a brand new mobile app founded by Kurasu Kyoto dedicated to connecting people through innovated services and ways of storytelling around speciality coffee cultures and lifestyles.

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DEMI.BAI is a Shanghai-based perfume brand that create eclectic fragrances for personal care, home and pets. Along with the holiday campaign 2021, we curated a holiday journal to experiment new ways of brand storytelling.

What is content design & curation?

I love hearing people asking this question.

Content has multiple dimensions to play with: conventional media platform e.g print, website, mobile app or social media; physical space when it comes to storytelling presentation of contents for installations or exhibition projects; or offline events where contents become sensational experiences. 

Content design and curation is a systematic and synthetical design thinking and process associated with both creative and editorial practices based on the specifically defined media from online to offline to communicate, target users/audiences/consumers or communities (whatever you would like to call) to engage with. It could serve business or brand communication purposes as part of content or community marketing, for media as editorial direction, or purely for creative works such as publications and exhibitions etc. 

Select projects, brands & partners

Let's GAP together

Levi's 501 interpretations  

Diesel #reboot

The Creators Project

VICE China

Vogue China

Jing An Kerry Centre

Disney (China)

Anomaly Shanghai

RAC Shanghai

GentleMaker Shanghai

Short Sentence 

Lexfield Law Firm 


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Lyla Lee
Founder of iroha studio

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