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Be a good neighbor

Be a good neighbor at SS Anfu is a pilot community program designed for Short Sentence, a Shanghai-based contemporary fashion brand along the launch of their first retail shop. 

With a long term vision of developing retail experience as a creative hub to connect with the neighbors and communities, first season of the program rolled out in April, 2021 as a bi-monthly basis in-store salon on design culture, with an keen eye on design in everyday living, as daily delights, creative process, cultural fabrics and a way of thinking. Building a dynamic conversation with the brand's diverse and youthful community that constantly relates to where and how they see and live with design is key to the content curation of the first season. 

The program is now entering its fourth year and going strong.  

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Episode One: Design x Nature

Our first episode Re: Nature invite the community to explores nature from inside and outside of our HOME by sharing the design thinking  behind Anfu shop, the cultural history of the district and how the pandemic experience has inspired us to appreciate nature and home positively. 


Episode two: Design x Perspective

Following episode 1, we focus on Design x Sustainability by sharing and challenging our perspectives. Joined by multidisciplinary creative practitioners, we look to discuss how to rethink and refine our vision, life habits and design practices towards a sustainable living. 


Episode four: Design x Distance

Distance makes difference. The third episode has pushed forward to discuss how designing brand strategy and communication takes place in our new normals,  from business and designer's point of view.


Episode three: Design x Subculture

"Subculture" has dominantly become a dress code, more of the appearance than the core of cultural spirit among the younger generation in the hood who are part of new customers consuming design in commercial products and lifestyles. The fourth episode spotlight the interaction between such consumer trends and mind shifts of the designers behind young and brands like us. 


Photo by Celia

Courtesy of Short Sentence

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