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Lyla Lee

Is a creative content curator based in Shanghai

Hailing from a hybrid background in marketing communication, I'm a content curator and marketing consultant specialized in connecting people, brands and cultures through the art of storytelling and community building.

Currently taking my Master of Design Futures at RMIT University, I'm exploring how creativity might bring more positive impact on business innovation and lifestyle changes through design thinking approach.  

I am a caffeinated happy soul, a dog person who also have cat friends, a magazine lover (independent publishing especially), a self-claimed healthy foodie, a visual animal who would rather express myself in colors and always keeps a song in my heart:-)


Concept of IROHA

People, Process And Positivity

Born from a fascination with People that have great stories, a Process that comprises the art of storytelling, and a Positivity that sparkles when the two meet together, Iroha connects thoughtful storytellers with mindful communities through design thinking and creative culture inspired by good design, products and experiences. 

Originally a Japanese poem which dates from 1079, Iroha is famous for being a perfect pangram of the Japanese alphabet. Literally and more artistically, Iroha also represents “the basics”, “the very first” which echoes with design principles and the essence of creativity. 

As we shift into new orders and re-imagined futures, Iroha joins you on this journey of change, bringing optimism and vision and by helping you compose your new foundations. 

Occasionally share things about design thinking, coffee culture,

food therapy and creative community in my newsletter,

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Thank you and sending you all good vibes from the bright side!

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