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a creative journey inspired by the moon

Koji is a bilingual publication exploring our relationship with time, food and nature through the lens of contemporary art, design, craftsmanship and lifestyles.


As an abstract concept, Koji interprets our purpose of launching this title. We hope that the magazine and the creative process it involves would become a seed that carries stories and meanings through our journey of discovering time, food, nature and aesthetic fusion of everyday living,

to inspire and connect, just like koji plays its magic in fermented food.


The moon is our muse of inspiration.

Compared to our sensitivity to the sun and the daylight, the moon and the moonlight are like those that are easily overlooked: our inner voices, communication in silence, spaces of solitude, the depth of the night and the changes in our bodies and minds that flow with it. The moon inspires us to start paying attention to such alternative clue that time offers us, to connect with nature, connect ourselves and to share what we see and think along the whole journey. 

Were it not for shadows.
there would be no beauty.

In Praise of Shadows

Junichiro Tanizaki

Issue 1

ISSN 2758 7967

Published in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

by Onishi Jun

Printed in Shanghai 


Koji runs on limited prints and are available on selective shelves only. 

Like the phases of a moon cycle, each issue of Koji consists of eight to nine chapters. It represents a step-by-step creative process, a personal journey that will unfold again in your reading experience. We hope you find the charm of the stories in your own way and through your art of fermentation over time. 

#03 Sky-58_edited.jpg

Our first issue takes you to explore the expression of "time" in the art of photography and the "fermentation" in the image-making process, the sensory experience design inspired by the interaction with the "moon", the "craftsmanship" of the unique sake vessel and its “four season” aesthetics , personal stories of "natural wine Lovers" from Tokyo and Shanghai, illustration work interpreting the "relationship between nature and food", and healthy home recipes that combine "fermented ingredients". These stories are woven into an eternal summer that can be reminisced endlessly.

A small batch of Koji is available at the studio for individual orders and on a first-come-first-served-basis. 

Special studio offer:

RMB158.00 or USD24.00

*excluding shipping cost

Email me if you'd like a copy. I will get a total number with shipping cost depending on where you are reading!

Koji project 

Interested in collaboration?

Get in touch

Based in Tokyo and Shanghai,

Koji is a independent publication project, a creative collaboration between Shanghai Erweiyi Culture & Lifestyle Co., Ltd. and iroha studio.


Each issue is co-created with a team of creators from all over the world.

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