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The Gentle Project

Podcast since 2020

The Gentle Project a podcast series is a way of reviving our life by sharing #NewPossibles in new normals, finding inspirations and positivities that empower us to reimagine our ways to grow. 

You will meet guests here who are just ordinary people with extraordinary stories on paving their way out at this uncertain time. The Gentle Project hosts a gentle place at heart, where we enjoy a curated conversation about perspective, resilience and confidence.

Co-produced by Lu and Lyla from their shelters in Boston and Shanghai, this podcast series brings together their passion and creativity of storytelling, as a gift of friendship, a shared mindful practice and an experiment to navigate the unknown future, gently. 


Lu, My dear friend & co-producer

Always a playful soul, Lu is a fan of storytelling. Recording ordinary people’s lives during transformative times offers her a second opportunity to empathize and connect with others.



A caffeined happy soul, a dog person, an independent magazine lover, a healthy foodie, a visual animal who would rather express herself in colors, photography and sketches, and always keeps a song in her heart. 

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