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welcome to my sketchbook --
s of my side projects in full colors!

#Caturday series

I adopted Hey (he/him), a tuxedo cat during the Covid year and we've been happily living together three more years now. Growing up with Judy (she/her), my first dog, I feel very new about living with a cat. As days go by, I started to see him as a return of Judy as he acts very much like a sweet doggie, very human and dependent on me. #Caturday series is a new collection of my #dailysketch inspired by Hey and beautiful moments in my real life. Hope you like it!

Hangouts and travels have also developed some more foodie scenes
where I wish that Hey could be there:-) 


This collection is drawn with risograph colors and will be printed in riso for my next art book. If you like to have a copy of any sketch here in print, let me know.

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