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Design thinking

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In parallel

Design creates culture, 

culture shapes values, 

values determine the future.

Robert L Peters 

I joined the community of Master of Design Futures at RMIT University summer 2020. Going back to school in the context of a pandemic was decided during my quarantine life in Melbourne when I started to explore ways to create new possibilities of pursuing a more life-centred and passion-driven career that fits me to navigate the unknown future. 


Relocating from Melbourne to Shanghai after the orientation session; kicking off the semester as I began to reset myself to new normals; learning at a weekly “zoom” school remotely and online, all these are entirely new for me, but fairly common today for all kinds of learners around the globe.


Here is a curated study desk of mine, by which I share my key takeaways from my courses at school, as well as the learnings from my research project on empowering leadership and creativity of boutique business to promote design cultures and sustainable business innovation


As a design thinker and practitioner, I wish to take this opportunity to share my experience with peers and friends, who are interested in this area. I believe that there are shared curiosity and confusions along the journey of change. And because we are not strangers, connecting by sharing will bring us together to keep on learning, experimenting positive changes, confidently.  

Learn more about how I got on the journey of design thinking, check out pilot episode at The Gentle Project


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