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The launch issue of Koji, an independent bilingual publication exploring our relationship with time, food and nature through the lens of contemporary art, design, craftsmanship and lifestyles.


Language: English and Chinese


The first issue adopts a white cover, implying a new beginning, the courage to challenge content creation in a bilingual format and the original intention of using print media to tell stories.


Cover image is a photography work by Hasui Mikio, a Japanese photographer and contemporary artist featured in this issue.


Consisting of nine chapters, our first issue features beautiful storytellers and creators from Shanghai, Tokyo, Nagano, Osaka, Paris and Berlin.


We invite you to explore the expression of "time" in the art of photography and the "fermentation" in the image-making process, the sensory experience design inspired by the interaction with the "moon", the "craftsmanship" of the unique sake vessel and its “four season” aesthetics. You will also find personal stories of "natural wine lovers" from Nagano, Japan and Shanghai, China, original illustration work interpreting the "relationship between nature and food", and healthy home recipes that combine "fermented ingredients". These stories are woven into an eternal summer that can be reminisced endlessly.


140 pages, full color printed on Munken Lynx paper 

Limited copy, published in Tokyo, designed and printed in Shanghai and created with creators all over the world. 


ISSN 2758-7967

Koji magazine Vol.1

  • Due to the nature of a printed magazine, orders of Koji is not returnable and refundable. If you find it not really what you were expecting after a read, we encourage you to share it with friends in your local reading community or kindly gift to your favorite coffee shops. Thank you for supporting independent publications! 

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