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Second issue of Koji is officially released on March 10th, 2024, a new moon!


This issue has particularly illustrates the beauty and strength of handcrafted quality in contemporary art, design and craft, the joy of hand making, celebrating modern heritage in creative scenes, artisanal cultures as well as our everyday life. 


We travel to Nagano, Tokyo, Komatsu, Berlin, London, Alsace and Melbourne with our storytellers who are some most celebrated artists, emerging designers and exciting makers and creators of our time, to explore our creative relationship with time, food and nature. 


184 pages (40 more bonus track this issue!) 

Languages: English, Chinese

ISSN 2758-7967


*We are currently distributing the books hot off the press first to local stockists. Your shipping date will be confirmed in 48 hours after the place of order. Thank you for your kind support and patience! 

Koji magazine Vol.2

Expected to be available in early March
  • Due to the limited copies and the nature of such delicate printed products, pre-orders of Koji magazine are neither cancellable and refundable. Thank you for your understanding. We sincrely appreciate your generous support to independent publications! 

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